After Sunday, comes the day that most people dislike. Monday mornings are perhaps one of the most cribbed about times of the week. Some people often refer to the bleh-ness of a Monday as their ‘Monday Blues.’ However, Anand Mahindra who is quite active on micro blogging site Twitter has a message for everyone on how not to start the first day of the week.

The business tycoon has shared a snap of a visibly shocked black dog. On the photo, one can read the text, “My emotional support dog after I tell him all my problems”. Captioning the post, he wrote, “How NOT to start your #MondayMorning …”

Take a look at his post here:

The post, which went viral in no time, has garnered all types of reactions from netizens. With over 1733 likes, the post has received comments in which people have related to the snap and remarks from those who agree with Anand’s thought.

Here is a look at some of the reactions:

In a subsequent post, the business tycoon also shared a tip on how one can perhaps start their Monday Morning. He mentioned that even though the piece of advice that he is giving is old, it never gets out of context.

In his tweet, he wrote, “Here’s a better thought for a #MondayMorning An old piece of advice, but always valuable. “FEAR can have two meanings: 1) Forget Everything And Run. Or 2) Face Everything And Rise.” Make the right choice.”

In reaction to this post, many users have shared insightful and motivating quotes in the comments section.

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