Biden Tax Rule Would Rip Billions From Big Fortunes At Death


The Inc. founder’s heirs may have to pay more than $36 billion. Jeff Bezos has an ex-wife, a girlfriend, four children and billions of reasons to watch whether Joe Biden’s tax overhaul wins congressional approval. The Inc. founder’s heirs may have to pay more than $36 billion if the president succeeds in closing … Read more

Bank assets: Billions of dollars at stake for banks in 2021 court cases – Times of India

Bank assets:  Billions of dollars at stake for banks in 2021 court cases - Times of India

NEW DELHI: Indian courts may rule in coming months on cases involving billions of dollars in distressed assets, and the decisions could clarify what roles banks play in helping companies devastated by the pandemic. What may be among the first of the verdicts could also be one of the most important: The Supreme Court may … Read more

Sachin Tendulkar Made His International Debut On This Day In 1989, BCCI Thanks Him For Inspiring Billions

Sachin Tendulkar played his first international match against Pakistan in Karachi in 1989.© Twitter Sachin Tendulkar, India batting legend, made his international debut on this day back in 1989 against Pakistan in Karachi. 24 years later, Tendulkar walked out to bat for the final time in international cricket for India at the Wankhede … Read more

High rates of teen pregnancy costs Latin America billions of dollars a year, dampens opportunities for women – UN – sex and relationships

Teen pregnancy costs Latin America billions of dollars a year - UN

High rates of teenage pregnancy in Latin America cost governments in the region billions of dollars of year while worsening poverty and inequality, according to research published by the United Nations on Wednesday. Per nation, teenage pregnancy costs on average $1.2 billion a year in lost of earnings by mothers, tax revenue, health care and … Read more

Keeping girls in school seen worth billions to developing nations like India, could boost GDP by 10% over next decade: Report – more lifestyle

Representational image

Making sure all girls are finishing secondary education by 2030 could boost the gross domestic product (GDP) of developing countries by 10% on average over the next decade, a report said on Tuesday. Every $1 spent on girls’ rights and education would generate a $2.80 return – equivalent to billions of dollars in extra GDP, … Read more

Covid-19 spreading fast because billions don’t have water to wash hands: UN – world news

Years of deferred investments in clean water and sanitation are now putting everyone at risk as the virus spreads through developed and developing nations generating a cycle of infection and reinfection.

A severe household water shortage facing two out of five people in the world is undermining efforts to contain the coronavirus pandemic. Frequent and thorough hand washing are among the most effective measures in restricting the spread of the virus because the primary routes of transmission are droplets and direct contact, according to the World … Read more

Educating women, providing them with contraception could save billions in healthcare costs – health

The United Nations has estimated that the pandemic could cause an additional 7 million unwanted pregnancies this year worldwide. (Representational Image)

Low- and middle-income countries could save billions of dollars a year in health care costs by investing in making contraception widely available to women, researchers said on Tuesday. Among 923 million women wanting to avoid pregnancy in these countries, about one in four does not use modern contraception, according to a new report by the … Read more

Vodafone Would Have To Spend Billions To Remove Huawei: Company Head


Vodafone said removing equipment made by Huawei would cost “single figure billions” of pounds London: Vodafone and BT said they would need a minimum of five years to remove equipment made by Huawei from their British networks, with Vodafone putting the cost of doing so in the “single figure billions” of pounds range. Andrea Dona, … Read more

Iran pushes South Korea to release billions of dollars of oil export revenue – business news

Iran is escalating its pressure on South Korea to release billions of dollars of oil-export revenue, arguing that Seoul is buckling to pressure from its US ally and illegally withholding funds needed to counter the Middle East’s worst coronavirus outbreak. Abdolnaser Hemmati, the head of the Central Bank of Iran, said the actions of banks … Read more

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