Mumbai: There won’t be complete, statewide lockdown in Maharashtra but additional measures will be implemented strictly so that Covid-19 does not spread, Maharashtra minister Vijay Waddettiwar said in Nagpur on Friday. He said that the availability of local trains for general public might be reduced. Measures are also likely to be taken to reduce overcrowding in buses. The government is thinking if exams can be conducted online as well, he said.

Maharashtra has been reporting over 8,000 cases in the last two days. Country’s financial capital Mumbai has also been reporting over 1,000 cases on a daily basis. On Friday Maharashtra reported 8,700 cases.

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“Maharashtra and Kerala continue to be some of the worst affected states due to Covid. Both the states together add almost 65% to 70% caseload of the country. Both these states have become hotspots. On this background, we will have to impose certain restrictions. I am not saying there will be a complete lockdown but we will take strict measures to make sure that the spread of covid is arrested. There will be further restrictions in the coming future,” he said.

“Reducing the services of local trains, restrictions on market places, reducing crowds in buses – will need to be done. Malls will need to be shut. We will need to keep an eye on marriage halls. Crowding won’t be allowed there. All these things will have to be done,” he added.

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When asked about the exams, he said, the State is mulling over all the possibilities. It will think on whether online exams are possible too. “Like Tamil Nadu has passed all its students this year. There is thinking within Maharashtra that exams need to be conducted. We are looking at all the possibilities,” he said.

On Friday the Centre rushed expert teams to 10 states in light of the increasing Covid-19 cases in the country. India recorded over 16,000 cases on Friday for a second day in a row.

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