Special Treatment Drive Breathe Life Into Dying ‘Pillalamarri’ Banyan Tree in Telangana

The historic great banyan tree “Pillalamarri” of Telangana is breathing fresh life followed by a special treatment drive. The tree was revived thanks to efforts by the forest and health officials who had conducted a special treatment day and night using saline injections.

The branches of the trees are not falling anymore after experts used saline bottles to tackle insect infestation.

This gigantic banyan tree has two names – Pillalamarri (Children Banyan) and Peerlamarri (Saints Banyan). Spread in a sprawling 4 acres campus, this tree is away from about 4 km from the Mahabubnagar district headquarters. It is a famous destination for tourists in Telangana.

Legend has it that this gigantic banyan tree, whose actual roots were not traced yet by scientists, is about 730 years to 800 years old. According to folklore, centuries ago a banyan sapling was planted by brothers — Ashanna,(Hasan ), and Ushanna (Hussain) in this forest area. Later on, it grown to be a tree and their bodies of brothers were buried here.

In 1976 the forest department took over the big tree and Collector Kashi Pandyan had taken steps to make it a tourist attraction. The spot then gained recognition and became a major tourist spot. Several film people conducted shootings for their films at this location.

National-level scientists have made efforts to ascertain the actual roots of this gigantic tree as it spreads in 4 acres. However, they were unable to find the main root.

The officials are now planning to get some renovation, beautification works to the banyan tree to attract tourists and people. The site is spruced up with walls having terracotta, Varli paintings, greenery awareness, and village atmosphere, enticing paints, figures by handicrafts to be seen and enjoy the bliss of modern culture and age-old tradition.

As the forest and health officials brought the Pillalamarri tree to life as a mini-zoo park, locals and tourists are delighted to have a glimpse.

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