In a case of inter-state boundary dispute the Mizoram government has imposed prohibitory orders under Section 144 Cr PC at Phuldungsei, a village in Jampui Hills in Tripura-Mizoram border following alleged attempts by a social organisation to build a Shiva temple there. While the Tripura government claims that the village is in North Tripura district, the Mizoram government has said the area is within the limits of Mamit district of that state.

The prohibitory order was issued on Friday by Mizorams Mamit district magistrate Lal Rozama, who claimed that a social organsiation called Songroma is intending to constructthe temple on October 19 and 20 at Thaidaw Tlang, which is located within the limits of the district. This has been planned without the permission of the Government of Mizoram and is against the interest of the local community and could harm peace and tranquility in the region … It is necessary to prohibit people from assembling in groups to prevent any untoward incident, which is likely to disrupt or adversely affect peace and tranquility prevailing in the region, a notice by the Mizoram government said.

A team led by North Tripura district magistrate Nagesh Kumar and superintendent of police Bhanupada Chakraborty visited the village on Saturday. Tripura government officials here said that Phuldungsei village is under the administrative control of Tripura and it has taken up the matter with the Mizoram government.

The dispute between Tripura and Mizoram over the village began in August when the former identified some people living there registered their names in the voter lists of both the states. As a result they had double ration cards and enjoyed public welfare benefits from both states. The Mamit district administration had said that the voters are residents of Mizoram who live in the eastern side of Phuldungsei village which is part of the state from time immemorial.

The sub-divisional magistrate of Kanchanpur, Chandni Chandran informed the Tripura government in August that Phuldungsei village council has been added as part of the constituency as Zampui Phuldungsei….Traditional Phuldungsei VC as a whole (despite Eastern side falling in Mizoram) has been accepted as a part of Tripura. Hence, the inclusion of the VC and its residents in Mizoram electoral rolls seems to be problematic. There is an urgent need to demarcate the exact boundary between Mizoram and Tripura incorporating the entire Phuldungsei VC in Tripura, Chandran had written to Tripura chief secretary Manoj Kumar.

Later the governments of the two states had agreed for joint survey. In a letter to Tripura home secretary B K Sahu, his Mizoram counterpart Lal Biaksangi said any activities done within the “disputed” inter-state boundary could result in law and order problems and sought “immediate and indefinite” stop to all of work in the area.

Report has been received by the Government of Mizoram regarding attempts by Songrongma of Tripura to construct a mandir at the disputed inter-state border village near Phuldungsei at Thaidawr tlang, Mamit district. “It is also reported that community work is proposed to be organized on 19th and 20th October, 2020. Since any activities within the disputed inter-state border can result in law & order problems, it is requested to kindly intervene and issue necessary instructions to the concerned District Administration for the immediate and indefinite stoppage of the proposed construction, the letter had said.

Meanwhile, Tripura-based Jampui Hills Mizo Convention, an apex body representing the Mizo communities of Tripuras Jampui Hills, has called for a 48 hours strike from October 19 to protest against the proposed construction of the temple. The Convention general secretary Zairemthiama Pachuau told .

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