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SILVERSTONE: Ferrari and McLaren confirmed on Friday evening that they plan to appeal against the FIA’s stewards ruling on Renault’s protest against the validity of Racing Point‘s 2020 cars.
They are expected to be joined by other teams unhappy at the outcome that saw Racing Point docked 15 points and fined 400,000 euros after upholding Renault’s complaint that the Silverstone-based team was running using illegal parts.
Many teams said they feel the verdict announced on Friday morning ahead of opening practice at the 70th Anniversary Grand Prix was too lenient.
“We can confirm that we have just stated our intention to appeal against this morning’s FIA Stewards decision, regarding Racing Point,” said a Ferrari spokesperson.
Racing Point were found to be using illegal brake ducts on their so-called ‘pink Mercedes‘, dubbed with that soubriquet because it was regarded as a copy of the 2019 title-winning Mercedes car.
The verdict from the stewards allowed Racing Point to continue racing with their 2020 car – an issue that has infuriated some members of other teams.
Racing Point, however, believe that they did nothing wrong and are considering an appeal against the decision to punish them.
McLaren sources made clear earlier Friday that they also intend to appeal, with Ferrari and Renault, against the leniency of the sanctions.

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