NEW DELHI: Central trade unions on Wednesday demanded that all four labour codes should be put on hold and discussions with the CTUs on each of the four Labour Code should start afresh and “in the true spirit of bipartite and tripartite consultations”.
In a statement on Wednesday after a consultative meeting with officials of the labour ministry, the CTU’s dismissed the interaction as “not a consultation but a farce”. They also raised a protest against the government for not convening the Indian labour conference for the past 5 years.
“Government is not serious either on bipartite discussions or tripartite discussions in accordance with the ILO conventions. Government is rushing to push the implementation of all these codes under pressure from the corporate and employers’ organisations,” the statement signed by 10 CTUs including INTUC, AITUC, HMS and CITU, among others said.
Rejecting the government’s efforts to frame Rules on Labour Codes which they alleged were passed in the Parliament without discussion with the CTUs, the statement added that the unions will not engage with the government to discuss the rules being framed on account of the absence of consultation in the prior processes. They also alleged the draft labour codes put in public domain and the one approved by the Cabinet and passed in Parliament were different.

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