C Stewart, parody song went viral on Social Media

JC Stewart, from North Ireland, caught the attention of Friends star Jennifer Aniston with his parody song.

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  • Last Updated: July 28, 2020, 6:07 PM IST

We all know the theme song for the TV sitcom Friends which assertively announces, “I’ll be here for you”. Now that we have been struck by a deadly pandemic, however, it seems we actually never thought that “life is going to be this way”. Can you imagine what the lyrics of the song would go now amid the COVID-19 pandemic?

An Instagram user named JC Stewart did and shared a parody video for the 90s TV sitcom Friends’ title song, reimagining how the lyrics would have been if the series was filmed in 2020. “It’s painfully apparent that I peaked making this video. If you want to watch a man lose his mind in real-time it’s @iamjcstewart on TikTok,” read the caption with the video.

The lyrics for the parody song read, “So no one told you life was gonna be this way, your job’s a joke, youur broke, love life’s DOA… It looks like we’ll be inside for a year, or it might only be a day a week or months it’s really not clear, so I’ll be here all day.” For the video, the guy can be seen doing absolutely nothing, just sitting on the couch and opening the refrigerator multiple times.

Not surprisingly, the parody song went viral soon after it was uploaded. With around 7 lakh views, netizens were appreciating the on-point lyrics to match the pandemic times. In fact, Friends actress Jennifer Aniston, who played the role of Rachel Greene, also shared the video on her Instagram stories.

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