While having a second child is a personal choice, it’s considered best to wait for sometime before you conceive again.

These days, most women start their families in their thirties, which doesn’t leave them with the flexibility to have a wide gap between two kids because of the diminishing fertility.

Experts advise it’s best to fully recover from one pregnancy and childbirth before conceiving again for your and your baby’s health. One should be especially careful about this if they have low levels of iron.

According to a study review, there is a significantly higher risk of premature babes and low birth weight in babies conceived within six months of first delivery. A gap of 18-23 months between two pregnancies is best and ideal as it gives you time to recover and replenish your body’s resources.

The risk was also evident in babies conceived within seven to 17 months, though lesser than the babies that were conceived within six months.

A smaller gap also makes it hard as all the expenses come together and there is too much arguing later as children’s interest overlap.

However, it is also common knowledge that when the gap is too much, children may feel less close to each other. Adding to that is the resentment from the older child who feels that his position has been taken by a new arrival.

Other studies have found that a gap of 59 months or more between two pregnancies is also associated with increased risk of premature delivery and low birth weight.


It’s best to wait for at least seven months to a year before you start trying to conceive again. This will help you stay healthy and help your next baby to have a healthier start. Having two babies closer to each other can be emotionally and financially demanding.

But in the end, it all depends upon, if you are ready to have another baby?

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