Ahead of Durga puja, Assam tea blender Ranjit Baruah has come up with six different varieties of Assam Tea to make the festive season more lively and healthy.

Malai Masala Tea has been the recent addition to the thirty existing variants. The tea variety is similar to the Irani Tea introduced in India by Zoroastrians which was made popular in Maharashtra and Hyderabad. Malai Masala has pure cream added with wellness spices with a dash of almonds, pistachio and mint as the garnishing.

“I have introduced this tea at my tea lounge for this festive occasion. During the Covid-19 lockdown and the following months my business has taken a severe loss. I needed something new on my menu to attract the aficionados and the Malai Masala tea was the perfect concoction,” Ranjit Baruah of Aromica Tea said.

“An evening cup of malai masala tea brewed out of premium Assam twining with a dollop of cream to it served with toast or maska bun is the perfect combination for long hours of pujo addas. People have accepted it and it’s good to see the happy faces back at the lounge” Baruah adds.

Though the Covid-19 lockdown crippled Ranjit Baruah’s tea business, he took it as an opportunity and came up with six new variants.

“The pandemic has put a stress on boosting one’s immunity. To solve this concern we came up with Moringa Tulsi Green Tea. It’s Assam tea blended perfectly with dried leaves of Drum Stick plant and Tulsi. Moringa is a great source of immunity booster,” he says.

Referring to the other newly variants, Ranjit Baruah says, “The Bamboo Soot Tea has locally available bamboo shoot known for its anti-bacterial and anti-viral qualities. It is easily available and an integral part of Assamese cuisine. Referred to as ‘The Poor Man’s Timber and ‘The Green Gold’, the edible shoot has innumerable benefits including a high content of amino acids, carbohydrate, minerals, and several vitamins.”

“The Turmeric Tea and the Roobios Red Tea have fifty percent more anti-oxidants and leaves a lasting texture in the mouth hours after you have emptied your white porcelain cup,” says Ranjit Baruah. “The pan tea which combines the flavour or local Bangla Pan with black tea has been added recently to the array” added Baruah.”

The beetle leaves, which contain curative and healing benefits, are also good source of vitamins, thiamine, riboflavin and calcium. Blended with Black tea, Peppermint and laced with aromatic Indian spices, paan spiced mint the tea offers a unique experience. This tea is anti-inflammatory, hepato protective and immunomodulatory.

As the coronavirus lockdown has opened new vistas for online marketing Baruah has adjusted to the module. He has also collaborated with an Australian company to launch Aromica Tea as Well Tea Australia in December 2020. The tea company got selected by the IMM Innovation Park during the lockdown and declared winners in the Entrepreneur Summit in Health and Wellness category by the Indian Institute of Entrepreneurship in June 2020.

The tea brand has already collaborated with Flipkart and it will do so with Amazon as well in the near future.

Ranjit Baruah has introduced the concept of Dial a Tea where customers can call to purchase their tea. During the lockdown, he personally moved around the city refreshing the policemen on duty with over 1800 cups masala tea under his brand Just Tea.

“The business today has shifted 80% to online space and presently 60% of the lounge customers are repeat customers. This is a good sign as business is resuming after lockdown” says Ranjit.

Baruah, a former tea planter with over 20 years of experience in tea plantation, founded Aromica two years ago.

He is on a quest to make tea more flavourful had landed him in blending his most sought after tea the “ Bhoot Jolokia“ or the Fiery tea. Its black tea blended with world hottest chili and is deemed to be ideal for post Covid-19 recovery.

“Local mostly prefer black liquor tea, milk tea or coffee. Making these cluster to try out new taste or to be the innovator is difficult. The COVID pandemic solved this impediment for us to some extent. Tea as a great source of anti-oxidants mixed with locally available immunity boosters makes it the perfect dote for COVID” says Dolly Sharma Baruah who has been helping her husband for the past 14 years to strike the prefect balance while blending their products.

“Tea today is not just the cup that makes your day or cheer you up. It’s a cup full of wellness” says Ranjit Baruah. Baruah is now working upon Jack Fruit Tea and Olive Tea which shall hit the racks soon.

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