Board Examinations are high-stake exams for every student. This year, the tension around the boards is all the more among students and parents considering most of the academic session was held online due to the COVID-19-led shutdown. Prime Minister Narendra Modi held the fourth edition of Pariksha Pe Charcha said to take on queries from students on the upcoming exam sessions and suggest tips to ace the boards. Here are five key takeaways from the suggestions given by PM Modi to students regarding the board exams.

How to Deal with Difficult Subjects?

Modi suggested taking every subject with the “same attitude and energy”. The Prime Minister said that the most difficult part should be addressed with a ‘fresh mind’ and this will make easy ones feel even easier. He said in his work as the Prime Minister now and earlier as a chief minister, he preferred to tackle difficult issues in the morning with a fresh mind.

He also said that “it is not important to be a master of all the subjects even those people who are highly successful who have a firm grasp over one specific subject”. He gave the example of Lata Mangeshkar who has given her entire life to single-minded pursuit of music. Finding a subject difficult is not a limitation and one should not run away from difficult subjects, Modi added.

How to increase memorizing power

One of the students posed a question on tips to increase the memorizing capacity. To remember things better, Modi suggested to ‘involve, internalize, associate and visualize’. He said things that are internalized and become part of the thought flow are never forgotten. One should internalize instead of memorizing, he said.

Breaks and Beyond Studies

“One values free time more when it is earned,” said the PM in his virtual address to the students. The Prime Minister said that we should be careful about avoiding things during the free time that have the danger of eating away all the time. These things will leave you exhausted instead of refreshed. “Free time is the best opportunity to learn new skills. Free time should be used in the activities which bring out the uniqueness of an individual”, he said.

Strategies to Follow During Exams

The Prime Minister asked the students to take an exam with a relaxed frame of mind. “All your tension must be left outside the examination hall”, said Modi. He advised the student to focus on giving the answers in the best possible way without getting tensed about the preparation and other worries.

Results are Beyond Marks

The Prime Minister insisted that “what you study cannot be the only measure of success and failure in your life. Whatever you do in life, they will determine your success and failure.” Therefore, children should come out of the pressure of people, parents, and society, said Modi.

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