Actress Ishita Dutta and her husband Vatsal Seth became quite the sensations on TikTok during the lockdown and took over the video-sharing social networking app with their amusing content.

However, with the government’s decision to ban 59 Chinese mobile applications, including TikTok in the wake of the ongoing tensions along the India-China border, Ishita is now looking to switch to new Indian social media applications as she believes this move will give chance to other homegrown apps that were always there but “we never really explored them.”

“We also started using TikTok during the lockdown only. It was super entertaining for us and we also created a lot of entertaining videos for the audience and eventually what happened that we started creating our own original content. But since this news (India-China tensions) had been doing the rounds for the last 15-20 days, Vatsal and I also stopped using TikTok as a social media platform because we were very concerned about what was happening. We were really wanting to see what the government decided. There are a lot of other Indian apps that I believe people will now start moving to, and in a way, it’s good only. Vatsal and I were anyway editing our videos before putting them on TikTok, or for that matter, on any social media platform including Instagram, Facebook, so it’s not like we were using the original TikTok app for any filter or sound,” says Ishita.

“Now instead of TikTok, we would put our videos on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, like we earlier used to do. If in the future, there’s any new Indian app, we would love to join that. The point is to entertain the audience, and I believe there are a lot of other different ways and platforms to do that. I believe people will get used to it eventually and this move will also give chance to other Indian apps that were always there but we never really explored them. So, it’s time for those apps to come up. But yes, it’s definitely sad because a lot of people loved using TikTok. But like I said, our government has decided something and it’s for the best. Now is the time to move on to Indian apps,” adds Ishita, who is also known for playing Pragati in Bepanah Pyaar.

Ishita says even though the move will initially affect a lot of young TikTok sensations, she believes they should eventually be fine with it, considering it’s been done for a greater good.

“I just want to say that TikTok also started when nobody knew about it, and eventually, it became such a big hit. People who like you will still like you. You just have to hop on to another platform which is similar and trust me, there are so many. I’m sure in the next two months, we all will probably be joining some other platform. It doesn’t end there. Your loyal fans will always support you. You just keep making content. Don’t take it negatively because our government has done something and there’s a reason for it and there’s nothing more important than that,” she signs off.

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