Hindus around the world follow Vedic calendar, also known as Panchang, to find out auspicious muhurat, shush tithi and other timings. These muhurats, tithis, raashi and nakshatra are required in order to conduct any event or occasion. According to Hindu Panchang, April 9 will mark Trayodashi tithi. It is the 13th day of the Krishna Paksha or the waning phase in the Chaitra month.

The day marks Prudosh Vrat. Also, April 9 will mark the Panchaka, one of the five days that are considered inauspicious for any event, according to Hindus. The day is Friday or Shukrawara. Devotees observe the fast for Santoshi Maa on Fridays.

Sunrise, Sunset, Moonrise and Moonset Time:

The day will begin with a Sunrise at 06:02 am while the sunset will be at 06:43 pm. At 05:16 am on April 10 moonrise will take place while moonset time is 05:22 pm.

Tithi, Nakshatra and Rashi Details for April 9:

Trayodashi Tithi will prevail up to 04:27 am on April 10 after which Chaturdashi Tithi will begin. Nakshatra for the day will be Purva Bhadrapada up to midnight am on April 10. Moon will be in Kumbha (Aquarius) Rashi up to 12:17 am on April 10 and will then enter Meena (Pisces) Rashi. While the sun will prevail in Meena (Pisces) Rashi.

Shubh Muhurat for April 9:

The Abhijit muhurat, one of the most auspicious timings, will be observed from 11:57 AM to 12:48 PM. Any task performed during this time is considered to be shubh. Other auspicious muhurats are Brahma Muhurta (04:31 AM, Apr 10 to 05:16 AM, Apr 10), Vijaya Muhurta (02:30 PM to 03:20 PM), Godhuli Muhurta (06:31 PM to 06:55 PM) and Amrit Kalam (10:10 PM to 11:53 PM).

Ashubh Muhurat for April 9:

Rahu Kalam or the most ashubh muhurat of the day will be from 10:48 AM to 12:23 PM. The other inauspicious muhurats are Gulikai Kalam and Varjyam. It is advised not to perform any auspicious task during these timings as the results are not favourable.

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