New Delhi: Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Sunday thanked shopkeepers from across Delhi for joining the government anti-dengue awareness campaign ’10 hafte 10 baje 10 minute”. The seventh week of the anti-dengue campaign seeks to encourage shopkeepers in Delhi to inspect their shops and surroundings for stagnant water every Sunday for 10 minutes and drain it to prevent the breeding of dengue mosquitoes. “This time, shopkeepers of Delhi also took part in the fight against dengue, checked the shops and changed the stagnant water. they are protecting themselves and their customers from dengue. Delhi is again defeating dengue,” Kejriwal tweeted. Market associations across Delhi came forward in support of this campaign on Sunday. “I support this campaign by CM Kejriwal against dengue. We are practising this in all the markets, regularly changing the deposited water and inspecting our surroundings thoroughly. We also support the campaign and we will continue active participation in this battle against dengue,” said Sushil Khatri, head of Tilak Nagar market association.

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