November 21 marks World Television Day across continents annually. The day is celebrated as a sign to acknowledge broadcast media. The day marks the association of emerging and traditional forms of broadcast. The idea is to use World Television Day as an opportunity to raise awareness about the significant issues encountered by the planet as a global community.

Further, the celebration of this day also shows the commitment of the government, individuals and news organisations to deliver unbiased information. Writers, producers, directors, reporters, and anchors, all gather on this day to promote the significance of television. Let’s celebrate this important event today by getting familiar with some interesting facts about television, informally referred to as an ‘idiot box’.

Facts about television:

– Assistant of inventor John Logie Baird, William Taynton was the first human face to be aired on television. He was offered two shillings and a six pence every week to just sit in front of the TV transmitter.

-The Late Late Show airing since 1962 and The Tonight Show airing since 1954 are the longest-running talk shows on television in the world.

– The first television advertisement to be broadcasted was in New York on July 1, 1941. The advertisement lasted a total of 20 seconds. TV advertisements costed $9 at the time.

– There was no TV broadcaster until 1987 in Iceland.

– In 1907, television was identified as a term in English and the abbreviation TV came into being in 1948.

-The world’s first ever High Definition television system started in 1936 in the UK.

-The first colour TV set was produced by Westinghouse in March 1954.

-Sony Watchman was the world’s first pocket television introduced in 1982.

-The first television remote was developed in 1950 by Zenith.

-In 2004, the number of television sets in the United Kingdom had exceeded the number of people.

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